Essential Knowledge 9: Speed (遲速須知)


List of Essential Knowledge::Speed
When inviting guests over, one normally set the event 3 days in advance such that there is enough time to put together a well concerted and varied menu. But if there are unplanned guests and food needs to be quickly served, or guest arrive unannounced outside the door or drops in by boat, how do we resolve such a predicament? [1] In these cases, one needs to have a set of quick-to-prepare dishes, such as stir-fried chicken slices, pork strips, and dried shrimp with tofu, or the likes of pickled fish [2] and tea-smoked ham [3]. These versatile dishes can be quickly prepared on short notice, and one should know at least several of them [4].

Random notes:

[1]: It literally says: “How can one take the waters of the eastern sea to put out the raging fires at the western pond?” A predicament where one must resolve a situation since resources are not immediately available.

[2]: A wine-dregs and salt pickled fish quite popular in Shandong province

[3]: A dry-cured ham smoked from Yunnan province

[4]: Quick versatile dishes? Most Italian pasta dishes.


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