Things to Avoid: Introduction (戒單:開篇)


List of Things to Avoid [1]::Introduction
Politicians like to boast of the fabulous things they have created. Truth be told, it would be better if they could just just resolve preexisting problems [2]. Likewise, if one can eliminate undesirable cuilinary habits, one would have already made much headways into understanding cuisine [3].

Random notes:
[1]: 戒 is such an elegant word, something of a mix between “Taboos” and “Things to quit doing”. However at the end I felt “Things to Avoid” is an okay compromise.
[2]: In Montreal, the politicians boast of the the miles of granite that they’ve used to pave curbs and sidewalks. In all honesty, I would rather they just replace the rotting asphalt [i,ii] and fix the leaking sewer systems [iii,iv,v]. This line really resonates with me.
[3]: The last phrase comes from a work commenting on the Book of Changes, known at the “Ten Wings” 十翼:繫辭下:9 “知者觀其彖辭,則思過半矣” which goes something like: “A wise person through studying the commentaries on the Yi-Jing (I-Ching) divinatory symbols, would have already gained understanding of a significant part of the Dao.”


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