Seafoods: Introduction (海鮮單:開篇)


List of Seafoods::Introduction[1]
The Eight Delicacies referred to by the Ancients made no mention of seafoods.[2] A failure to do so today would be contrary to modern tastes and offend the masses.

Random notes:
[1]: We’re finally here! The first section of recipes of Suiyuan Shidan! One year ago, I had doubts that I would have the stamina to push forwards to this point but thanks for everyone’s support it proved quite fun. I’m looking forwards to making some good progress with it this year. On the translation side of this, I think I’m less sure of calling this chapter “seafood”. Fact is the ingredients in the sections are really delicacies either from the sea or imported from overseas, in calling them seafood one would lose this idea. Maybe “Ocean delicacies”? Or just “Delicacies”?

[2]: Bazhen, has been also translated as “Eight treasures”, and today always includes seafood products. Is there such an “Eight treasure tofu pot” (八珍豆腐堡) without either shrimp or squid?


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