Seafoods 5: Mussels (淡菜)


Mussels out of the shell, not dried or cooked, but whatever (Credit: Alina Zienowicz)

List of Seafoods::Mussels
Braising pork with dried mussels in broth produces a dish with incredible umami. Remove the innards of the mussel and one can make a good wine flavoured stir-fry with the reserved flesh [1].

Random notes:
[1]: I’m a bit unsure about this translation. The text goes “take the flesh and remove the core” (取肉去心), which can be interpreted in two ways. In the first interpretation, the phrase “take the flesh” is repeated in “remove the core” to indicate that the soft edible meat of the mussel should be taken out of its shell. But if you read it another way, it can be interpreted as taking the flesh from the mussels and remove the core from that lump of flesh, which contain the stomach, intestines, gonads, and innards of the mussel. Given that dried mussels are sold without shell, I’m going with the second interpretation.


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