River Delicacies: Introduction (江鮮單:開篇)


List of River Delicacies[1]::Introduction
Guo Pu’s [2] work “Endowments of the river” provides an exhaustive list of fish species. However, here I will only mention the more common ones.

Random notes:
[1]: Although I surrendered and went with “Seafoods” instead of “Ocean delicacies” in the last chapter, I’m not going to consider “Riverfoods” as the translation of the title in this chapter. First, it does not capture the meaning of the phrase. Second, it sounds lame. Since this chapter is really about several delectably edible river creatures, “River Delicacies” is far more fitting.

[2]: Guo Pu was an ancient scholar from Jin Dynasty China aronud 300AD


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