Pork: Introduction (持牲單:開篇)


Pork(List of the Ceremonial Animal)[1]::Introduction
Pigs are such a widely used culinary animal that they can be considered “Spiritual leader of the Gastronomic realm”[2]. The ancients held the pig in especially high regard for the purpose of spiritual offerings and rituals.[3]

Random notes:
[1]: The Chinese name for this chapter doesn’t say “Pork”, but rather “List of the special sacrificial creature”(持牲單). For a while I considered naming this chapter “Sacrificial animal”, but this name utterly fails to indicate that everything in the chapter is about preparing flesh from the pig. At the same time, it lacks the reverential “aura” that the Chinese name holds. Although I may decide later that “Pork” is a terrible name for the chapter, for now I am doing it for the sake of clarity and practicality.

[2]: “廣大教主” literally translated means “The great and wide leader of the sect”, which in this context to me means that pigs are the chief animal of gastronomy, hence the rather long-winded translation.

[3]: This is still commonly practiced nowadays for certain “大拜拜”. Check out the photos of many sacrificed pigs and other animals here and here. And BTW: Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!


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