Pork 12: “Dry-Steamed” Pork (乾鍋蒸肉)


Two Chinese shaguo (沙鍋) would work perfectly for this recipe. (Credit: Qurren)

Pork(List of the Ceremonial Animal)::Dry-steamed [1] pork
Chop the pork into cubes and combine with sweet wine and autumn sauce in a small bowl. [2] Place the small bowl into a larger bowl, then seal the large bowl and place it into the wok to “dry-steam” for a period of two incense sticks without any water.

The quantity of autumn sauce and wine to use depends on one’s taste and the quantity of meat being prepared. In general, the braising liquids should just cover the top of the meat.


Random notes:
[1]: Yuan Mei’s dry-steaming process is basically using a wok to do Western style dutch-oven/ceramic pot type stewing, somewhat akin to a cassoulet.

[2]: Actually cibo (磁缽) means “earthenware mortar” or “earthenware alms bowl”, basically a thick-walled ceramic bowl. By cooking with one thick-walled ceramic vessel inside another all baked inside a wok, the actual cooking heat would be low, slow, even, and perfect for braising.



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