Pork 13: Pork in Lidded Bowl (蓋碗裝肉)


The stove used for this recipe is probably less like a hand-warmer and more like a charcoal burning stove used in this Thai Chim-chum (Credit: Takeaway)

Pork(List of the Ceremonial Animal)::Pork in Lidded Bowl
Prepare the pork as with the previous recipe. [1] However, place the large bowl directly on top of a hand-warming stove [2] to cook.

Random notes:
[1]: The recipe probably tastes more or less like the previous “Dry-Steamed” Pork (乾鍋蒸肉) recipe, which is in turn more or less pork stewed in a crock.

[2]: Shoulu (手爐) is a small hand-warmer carried by people in their sleeves during the old dynastic days to warm their hands on particularly cold days. Whether this dish uses an actual hand-warming stove or just a small stove, I don’t know.


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