Pork 14: Pork in Porcelain Urn (磁壇裝肉)


Rice chaff can be used for cooking. Interesting. (Credit: Green)

Pork(List of the Ceremonial Animal)::Pork in Porcelain Urn
Prepare the pork as in the previous recipes, [1] but braise it by placing the covered bowl into smouldering rice chaff. [2] It is important for the lid of the bowl to be tightly sealed in this preparation. [3]

Random notes:
[1]: This recipe probably tasted more or less like the previous “Dry-Steamed” Pork (乾鍋蒸肉) and Pork in Lidded Bowl (蓋碗裝肉) recipes, which in turn tastes more or less like pork stewed in a crock.

[2]: First time I’ve heard of a Chinese baking technique using burning rice chaff. A rareness in among rareness.

[3]: Seal your container well, oherwise the pork will end up tasting like smoky rice chaff.


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