WWII Horror in Doll Country

Thinking back, there were some pretty disturbing Chinese children’s song that I sang as a kid without knowing it. One song in particular comes to mind:


Doll Country
In the doll country, the doll soldiers have blond hair and blue eyes.
The King of doll country, his beard long, exits his castle on his horse.
The soldiers of doll country are carrying out military exercises, to guard against invading enemies.
Bang-bang-bang goes the machine guns. Boom-boom-boom goes the atomic bombs.

Though I’m unsure of this song’s origins, it probably came after prolonged cultural contact with the West and Japan during WWII. Its short 4 lines are chocked full of military references, where soldiers are rallied, military excercises are carried-out, machine guns are fired, and the atom bombs dropped. And is that a reference to the NAZI concept of the “Aryan Army” that I see?

I strongly suspect this is a product of the turmoil experienced collectively by the Chinese during the 1900’s, which one way or another spilled over into this particular Children’s song. Whether it served some sort of cathartic purpose back then, I don’t know. One thing’s for sure though; this song is disgustingly twisted.

A giant dose of WTF


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