Pork 20: Smoked Braised Pork (燻煨肉)


A modern interpretation of smoked braised pork by the Morning Shanghai Restaurant in Richmond, BC. (Credit: Morning Shanghai Restaurant)

Pork(List of the Ceremonial Animal)::Smoked Braised Pork
First, braise the pork in autumn sauce and wine until done. [1] Next, smoke the braised pork briefly with its cooking juices over smouldering wood shavings. The pork will be slightly dry on the outside, moist inside, and extremely fragrant and tender. The household of Wu Xiaogu “Guangwen” [2] excelled in preparing this dish.

Random notes:
[1]: Considering how strong the smoke taste will be, the braising can be done either in the manner of Red-braised pork or the second method of White-braised Pork.

[2]: I could not find any information about what is a Guangwen (廣文), but it sounds rather Official-like. So there. thankfully Mr/Mrs/Dr Chan was kind enough to point out that it’s likely a pen name.


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