Format Changes to Posts

From the very beginning, all the Suiyuan Shidan translations I did followed the “Chinese Text->Translation->Random Notes” format. But truth is, even then it annoyed me a bit that this format relegated the content in Random Notes to the side when quite the opposite should be true. Problem was, I wasn’t sure how I would format the posts to highlight this content, until a month or so ago while writing up WWII Horror in Doll Country.

The answer was super simple: make the content that would have been in Random Notes the narrative guts of the post and make the translated and Chinese text the supporting material.

Initially I was worried that I was so used to writing in the old format that changing things would slow down my throughput of translations. But after some wrangling with myself, I decided to give it a go and try the new format in see how I feels. If it works, it’ll stay, but if it doesn’t I’ll go back to the old format


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