Pork 28: Hollow Meatballs (空心肉圓)

“Pound the pork until it becomes a thick paste. Take cold rendered lard, roll them into balls, then use them to fill each pounded pork meatball. Steam the filled meatballs such that the fat melts and flows away, leaving each meatball with a hollow core. The people of Zhenjiang are especially good at preparing this dish.”


Hollow chocolate: just slightly less pointless than hollow meatballs. (Credit: Evan-Amos)

What a gimmicky dish. If anything this was created for the sole purpose of impressing and eliciting praise from one’s guests.

While it’s possible that one could derive a modicum of enjoyment from eating hollow meatballs, I would liken it to eating chocolate foam: it’s mildly amusing the first time around, but its pretty much pointless every time after that.


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