Pork 32a: Note on Jiangrou, Zaorou, and Baoyan Pork

“Note the previous three dish are for the winter months. They are not suitable for preparation in spring and summer.”


Yuan Mei stuck this note after the section on Baoyan pork, referencing it and the previous sections on Jiangrou and Zaorou. There are two ways of interpreting these statements:

  1. The scientific way: Since these three recipes consists of lightly salted raw pork, they need the cold winter weather to prevent them from spoilage and insect infestation while they are being prepared.
  2. The Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) way: Maybe these three recipes are too excessively heating (暑) to the body during hot seasons so winter is the only time to eat them? If that’s not it, no matter, there’s enough wiggling room inside TCM “theory” that you can make something else up.

Take your pick.


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