Pork 36: Roasted Suckling Pig (燒小豬)

“Take a suckling pig weighing six to seven jin, pull out any hairs, and scrub it clean of blood and filth. Skewer the pig and roast it on top of a charcoal fire. All sides of the pig must be evenly roasted until its skin is dark golden brown in colour. Slowly and continuously bast the skin with butter while roasting.

Roasted suckling pig with delicately crisp skin is considered the best, those with crunchy skin are of lesser quality, while those with hard tough skin are ranked the worst.

The Manchurian have a method of making sucking pig by steaming it with wine and autumn sauce. In my family, it is my brother Longwen that has mastered this method of preparation.”


It’s…*sniff*…so beautiful… (Credit: Kham Tran)

When roasted by a master Cantonese chef, roasted suckling pig is one of those foods that are simply sublime. That crisp golden brown skin, glistening as if pebbled with tiny diamonds… The tender succulent meat… Really, there’s not much to say about it other than the fact that it is absolutely delicious.

In fact, it has been used more than once by my family as a standard for pure deliciousness. Once after a trip to Paris, my dad was raving about a baguette he had at their stupidly expensive hotel in the Latin Quarter. The way he described it was: “The crust was amazingly crisp. Like biting into the skin of a roast suckling pig.”

That must have been one fabulous baguette.


2 thoughts on “Pork 36: Roasted Suckling Pig (燒小豬)”

  1. Are you going to tackle this one?

    I miss, miss, miss a good roasted pig. The last time I had one (that was sublime) was almost 20 yrs ago in Hong Kong!

    1. Alas, I don’t have the skill to make good roasted suckling pig, or roasted pig/pork for matter… Luckily, I’m usually a 6 minute streetcar ride from the closest siu mei restaurant 🙂

      That said, good roasted suckling pig still requires a trip to Markham.

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