Pork 38: Ribs (排骨)

Take sliced pork ribs with meat that is half lean and half fatty. Pull out the rib bones from the meat and stuff the cavities with stalks of green onion. Grill the ribs while constantly brushing with vinegar and soy sauce. Do not let the ribs be grilled too dry.


Ribs are scrumptious, be they with or sans the stalks of green onion. (Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Typical of the most recipes in the Suiyuan Shidan, this one for grilled ribs is missing a step or two. I mean, have you ever tried to pull the bones out of a raw rack of ribs? Let me tell you, it’s impossible. Even if you could miraculously do so, grilling the ribs starting from its raw form would give you something incredibly tough at best.

For this recipe to work, the pork ribs must first be stewed or steamed until mostly tender. From there, the rib bones can be twisted, pulled out, then the meat stuffed with stalk of green onions and grilled, as specified in the recipe. I would serve this with ample quantities of rice wine, or if you prefer a giant glass of Unibroue‘s un-hopped masterpiece: Blanche de Chambly.


4 thoughts on “Pork 38: Ribs (排骨)”

  1. I tried making this, and I find it much better to insert the leaves of green onions as opposed to the stem.
    Both parts are useful in their own ways, but the green onion comes through as too strong when I used the stem.
    I also messed other parts up, but that’s on me.

    1. It’s great that you’ve tried out the recipe! Such real practical insight into Yuan Mei’s recipe descriptions are always useful. Do you have a photo or blog link to your recipe test?

      1. No, I find the practice of photographing food puzzling. It feels like gloating half the time. I find cookbooks much more practical (the first two chapters of the suiyuan shidan even more so).

        Maybe I’m just poor. Whatever. It’s really more of a personal decision.

        The recreation wasn’t exactly a one to one replica of the recipe described here (everything past the “pull ribs out and replace with green onions” was done with great liberty since that was the part that really interested me). I’ll try to upload a picture next time I try this.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to put what little I gleaned off of “rescuing dishes” to practice yet again.

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