Birds: Introduction (羽族單:開篇)

Chicken plays a substantial role in cuisine and the success of most recipes are utterly dependant on it. Its effect is similar to a virtuous person, who performs good deeds without the knowledge others. For this reason, we will start this chapter with the chicken and leave the other birds and poultry for the end.

The following is the birds chapter.


A bowl of delicious bird broth: Old fashion MSG and a popular remedy for the common cold (Credit: ProjectManhattan)

I’ve translated this chapter as “birds” since the literal translation for “羽族” is “winged tribe”, which would have been a rather misleading and unhelpful name.

At first, I translated it as “poultry” since this chapter consists of mainly chicken, duck, and other domesticated birds. However, at the end I did not go with it since there are several recipes here that uses undomesticated birds.


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