Assorted Animals 4: Mutton shank (羊蹄)

Mutton shanks can be braised similarly to pork knuckles in either the red-cooked or white-cooked forms. In general, that which is cooked in light soy sauce is red-cooked and that cooked with salt is white-cooked. Shanks are good served with mountain yam.


Some German style lamb shank, which looks pretty darn good. (Credit: Benreis)

Does this post look familiar? Well it may since this is a re-cobbled posting of something I posted a while back.

Basically while I was doing some background organization today, I found out that I had accidentally deleted the previous translation of this post a while ago. But since it has been in the trash so long it got permanently wiped by wordpress. Only an echo of it now exists on the Facebook crosspost.

So here it is now semi-resurrected in its crippled form.

That’s too bad cuz I remember having a good time writing the post and talking about over-priced lamb shanks at French restaurants. I think I also mentioned how one can usually get pretty good lamb shank at most Middle Eastern “Shawarma places” in Montreal and Toronto. One such place where I used to eat as a student at Sherbrooke and University in Montreal had quite decent lamb shanks that are fork-tender and sticky with gelatine. Not to mention the manager was always generous with hummus and sometimes rice. And yes, I mentioned that many people are willing to being shanked in the wallet by French restaurateurs for the décor, white linen, and “service”. But then now as before I’m actually quite okay being one of the plebs eating shank off styrofoam plates.

So aside from it being marginally better written, you didn’t miss too much from that previous post.

I really have to be more careful when editing this site in a tired state.


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