Montreal Metro Accessibility

We’ll be returning to your regularly scheduled Chinese translations again this Sunday. But first I have an itch to scratch…

A while back I saw the TTC accessibility map created by Sean Marshall and was quite blown away by it. While I personally do not require wheelchair access, being a parent with a stroller makes one acutely aware of the lack of elevators and ramps in Toronto’s subway system. Still, TTC’s subway system is still quite accessibility friendly next to Montreal, which we readily noticed when we stepped out of Montreal’s Central Station a few week back.

Lugging a stroller up flights of stairs, through narrow escalators next to a bunch angry people is not fun nor for the faint hearted. The Montreal Metro systems is extremely unfriendly to strollers, though it is still usable if you have some upper body strength. Still, it’s no wonder one does not see many parents with young kids on the Metro.

But if you absolutely need wheelchairs to move about or have a heavy stroller to push around, this is how the Montreal Metro looks to you:

Montreal Metro Accessibility (Accessibilité Métro de Montréal) Derived from:

As of 2016, only nine of the stations have elevator access on the orange subway line. Access by to any other line via elevator is not possible, thus making the blue, green, and yellow lines as good as none existent for those on wheelchairs. Thus if you’re not entering or exiting from the newer stations near Laval, one of the major hubs, or City Hall, the system is not overly helpful.

If you’re wheelchair or stroller bound in Montreal, take the bus, drive, or just walk.


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