Birds 19: Chicken Steamed with Huangqi for Curing Tuberculosis (黃芪蒸雞治瘵)

Take a chicken that is still too young to lay eggs[1] and slaughter it. Do not rinse it with water. Remove the chicken’s innards and stuff its cavity with one liang of Huangqi.[2] Place the chicken on a wok with a rack made of chopsticks to steam. Cover the wok and seal it well. When the chicken is done remove it from the wok. The collected juices from the chicken is unctuous and savoury, and can be used to treat weakness and fatigue resulting from the disease.[3]


Huangqi (黃芪) one of the many many herbs used in Traditional Chinese medicine (Credit: Doronenko)

Going to do this post in footnote format since I don’t have much to say here. That and I’m still jet-lagged from the 12 hr time difference and my head isn’t completely here:

  1. The terms used to describe chicken of different ages are a bit confusing. I’m thinking the “infant chickens” (雛雞) are younger than “children chickens” (童雞) described here, which is in turn younger than “tender chicken” (嫩雞).
  2. Astragalus propinquus : use only the root portions.
  3. The term”弱症” refers to the weakness resulting from disease. However if you google the term is you’ll get a whole bunch of Chinese ads on pseudoscientific cures for “weak sperm disease”. Sorta interesting.

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