The “Feel” of the Suiyuan Shidan

I was browsing through pictures of Chinese food drawings online when I came across this:


Wow!! This is exactly what the Suiyuan Shidan feels like as it churns around inside my head! It’s a bunch of vegetables, meats, edible critters, spices, and dishes, some blurry and some detailed, all strewn haphazardly everywhere.

The artist behind these paintings is Li Jin (李津) and interestingly he did a bunch of them just like this involving food. Quite a few of these food related ones actually contain the Chinese text of the Suiyuan Shidan as part of the work:


Perhaps this is how Goggle “personalized” my image search and led me to them?

This next one is flooded with the character for “eat” (吃):


I like how all of these food paintings have a light-hearted feel and some sort of humour to them. A book on the translation of the Suiyuan Shidan NEEDS to have something like this for its cover. Actually, it SCREAMS for it.

The only thing that would make it better is if it had more of a American or Canadian (or any other Anglophone) Chinese narrative to it. This would match the idea of an English translation for a completely Chinese work.

A fun discovery in any case.


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