Birds 39: Broiled Duck (燒鴨)

“Take a young duck and mount it on a spit fork to broil. The cook employed by Examiner Ping makes this exceptionally well.”


Pipa duck, a broiled/roasted duck dish prepared by butterflying and cooking the marinated duck, which gives it that delicious char-broiled flavour. (Credit: Alpha)

I posit that the fork broiled or roasted duck described by Yuan Mei is probably like the modern Pipa duck (琵琶鴨), which is butterflied and flattened, then skewered on a spit fork for broiling. The name “Pipa” refers to the duck’s form that vaguely resembles the pear or loquat-shaped traditional Chinese musical instrument of the same name after it preparation.

Of course, fork roasting duck is not exclusive to Pipa duck, since the method can also be used to make whole Cantonese roast duck or even Peking duck. However, this is rather rare for both the latter duck dishes since they are usually roasted hanging on hooks.

Another short undescriptive recipe by Yuan Mei.


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