It hailed in Toronto today

And yes, it’s summer here.

Our climate is officially “broken”.


3 thoughts on “It hailed in Toronto today”

  1. I’m pretty sure it hailed in the summer (June, even, I think? Or maybe August) when we visited Toronto one year, long ago (pre-kids). The hail was the size of golf balls and a friend’s car was dented 🙂

    1. Not to say our climate isn’t “broken”, btw. Just that it’s hailed in T.O. in the summertime before.

    2. For sure, though this summer is especially weird because it was quite cold in May and the beginning of June. Not to mention too the hail was quite small, which means that it was actually snowing at relatively low altitudes and it was cold enough to deliver the stuff frozen to the ground.

      I like the cool temperatures and everything but this is rediculous.

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