We won Bronze Medal at the Gourmand Awards!

I just found out that “Recipes from the Garden of Contentment” had just been awarded 3rd place at the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards 2019 in the Translation category! This is a tremendous honour for the entire publication team, so I also want to congratulate Karen Christensen and Marjolijn Kaiser of Berkshire Publishing, as well as Professors Gene Anderson and Jeffrey Riegel for all their help and effort in making this book a reality!

Interestingly, since Berkshire Publishing is situated in the USA, I’m kinda representing them internationally instead of Canada. But that’s cool too.

Next time Canada. Next time.

Woohoo! This book is (one of) the “Best in the World”!

Thank you Gourmand International for recognizing this work and bestowing the award upon us for this translation!

Now…who should we talk to about getting a photo of that award certificate…

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