Appetizers 6: Straw Cape Cake (簑衣餅)

Mix cold water into dry flour, but not too much. Knead the dough and roll it flat, then roll-up the flattened dough. Roll it flat again, then spread lard and white sugar evenly on it. Roll the dough up again, then roll it flat into a thin bing, and sear in lard until golden brown. If one wants a salty version, one can use green onions, Szechuan pepper, and salt instead.




This name could come from the loose flaky layered texture of the bing, or “cake”, which would have roughly resembles that of the traditional straw cape used as rain coats in East Asia before the introduction of synthetic cloth.

It’s been a while! Let’s see if the second quarter of this year brings with it more free time.

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