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In Praise

“Food historians rejoice: at last a complete translation of the 18th century classic of Chinese gastronomy. The recipes range from exotic to homey and comforting and most can be cooked in an ordinary kitchen. Yuan Mei also offers sage advice on choosing ingredients, how to combine flavors and introduces techniques that will be unfamiliar in the West; in many respects he is the Brillat-Savarin of Chinese cuisine and is equally opinionated and funny.”
Ken Albala, author of Three World Cuisines and Noodle Soup: Recipes, Techniques, Obsession

“This is a totally wonderful job. It’s extremely accurate and thorough.” — E.N. Anderson, University of California, Riverside, author of The Food of China

“Yuan Mei is one of those Qing cultural giants we shouldn’t be able to get enough of.  Sean Chen’s contribution here is unexpected yet indispensable, an inexhaustibly delightful excursion with a true 18th century genius”—Pamela Kyle Crossley, Collis Professor of History, Dartmouth College

“Finally: a lively, scholarly and usefully-annotated English translation of Yuan Mei’s seminal cookbook and culinary treatise that captures the spirit of the original work. Sean Chen and his team have performed a great service for the world of gastronomy by making this fascinating text accessible to English-speaking readers.”
Fuchsia Dunlop, author of Land of Fish and Rice and other cookery books

“This new translation of Yuan Mei’s legendary book is cause for celebration, not only because the complete text is finally available in English, but because Sean Chen so beautifully captures the author’s lyricism, humor, and opinionated pronouncements. Reading this book is like sitting down to a meal with a charming dinner partner whose interests range from culinary technique to presentation to the nature of hospitality, though flavor always remains foremost for him. This volume shares the delights and concerns of one of the world’s most artful gastronomes, and in the process offers a fascinating look at eighteenth-century Chinese culture.”
Darra Goldstein, Founding Editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture

“The publication of the bilingual edition of Recipes from the Garden of Contentment: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy is indeed a landmark event and not only in culinary scholarship. Yuan’s wit and love of food is an added bonus and greatly enhances our understanding of one of the world’s greatest cuisines.”
Ken Hom, OBE, author of My Stir-fried Life and other cookery books

“Chinese cuisine is often misunderstood, mistaking one of the most delicate, beautiful, and tasty cuisines for Americanized semi-fast food. This books explains the complexities and delicacies of Chinese food. I enjoyed reading it very much, and recommend it for anyone who loves food.”
Kai-Fu Lee, AI expert, author of AI Superpowers, former president of Google China

“The Suiyuan Shidan is a classic and two centuries later it still sparkles with Yuan’s irascible charm, his epic passion for food, and his near-religious devotion to the pleasures of the senses.”
Nicole Mones, author of The Last Chinese Chef and other novels

“The Suiyuan Shidan is one of China’s greatest classical cookbooks. It is also unique in that it beguiles its readers with wit, intelligence, and brevity, much like Fernand Point’s Ma Gastronomie. Translating something as difficult as this is therefore an event worth celebrating, and kudos go out to Sean Chen for his meticulously scholarly approach. Open the cover and prepare to be enchanted.”
Carolyn Phillips, author of All Under Heaven and The Dim Sum Field Guide

“Like everyone else with a serious interest in Chinese food, I’ve long heard rumors of Yuan Mei and his seminal book.  Alas, there was no English translation. Now there is – and it’s even better than anticipated. This is far more than a cookbook: The Way of Eating is food history at its finest, a window into a fascinating and long-lost world.” –Ruth Reichl,  Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine 1999-2009, author of My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life

“Sean Chen’s faithful and stimulating rendering of Yuan Mei’s 18th century book of classic Chinese recipes and cooking techniques will greatly interest lovers of Chinese cuisine as well as readers of gastronomic history. If you are either or both then you should own it. Reading Yuan’s book and trying out the recipes for dishes that were prepared for him and his guests at his garden villa in old Nanjing open a door to a time and place of unsurpassed good taste and refinement in Chinese history. Thanks to Sean Chen’s translation, many more people are now able to pass through that door.”  Jeffrey K. Riegel, University of Sydney

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