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  • Viewing gastronomy from the Garden of Contentment | Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library – University of Toronto | Feb.28, 2020
  • China Ongoing Perspectives Series: Soul of a Banquet | Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies – University of Michigan | Dec. 5, 2019 | The screening of the film Soul of a Banquet, followed by a Q&A with Sean Chen, cultural historian of Chinese foodways.
  • Eating through the Garden of Contentment | The Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association | Ap. 7, 2019
  • Recipes From The Garden of Contentment | Culinaria Research Centre – University of Toronto Scarborough | Oct. 30, 2018
    • The discussion portion of the event include: Sean Chen; Nicole Mones, author of The Last Chinese Chef ; Carolyn Phillips, author of All Under Heaven: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China.
    • Afterwards, indulge in the incredible culinary offerings created specifically for this event by Chef Nick Liu of DaiLo Restaurant. Nick will be cooking his interpretations of several recipes from the Suiyuan Shidan.

 Academic Presentations:

  • The Challenge in the English Translation of Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy: Recipes from the Garden of Contentment | Agri-Food, Cultures and Translation (ECTB60H3F L01, L02 and L30)| University of Toronto Scarborough | June 1, 2019
    • Guest lecture: Dr. Sean J.S Chen
    • Chair and Discussant : Dr. Helen Xiaoyan Wu – Department of Language Studies UofT Scarborough

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University course:

  • Feast/Famine: Food Environment China | Department of History at Barnard College – Columbia University in the City of New York | Prof. Dorothy Ko : Food has always been a central concern in Chinese politics, religion, medicine, and culture. This course takes an ecological approach to the provision, preparation, and consumption of food in Chinese history, from the Neolithic times to the post-socialist era today. In examining Chinese approaches to soil fertility, healthy diet, and culinary pleasures, we explore alternative food systems for a more sustainable future.
    • Week 7: YUAN Mei, an 18th century gourmet
    • -> Gendered knowledge of a gourmet
    • -> Imported exotic ingredients and elite male identities
    • -> Connection between eating and “nourishing life”
      • Required Reading: YUAN Mei, The Way of Eating: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy, Sean J. S. Chen, “Essential Knowledge,” “Objectionables,” and selection of recipes.



  • Gourmand Awards 2020 – for The Way of Eating: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy. Best in the World – from Gourmand International under the Special Awards Category.
  • Gourmand Awards 2019 – for Recipes from the Garden of Contentment: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy. Best in the World – 3rd Place in Translation from Gourmand International.