Appetizers 7: Shrimp Bing (蝦餅)

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Combine raw shelled shrimp, green onions and salt, Szechuan pepper, and a small amount of sweet wine. Add water and flour, then sear in sesame oil until done. 蝦餅生蝦肉,蔥鹽、花椒、甜酒腳少許,加水和面,香油灼透。 Note: *What is a "Bing" (餅)? It's been translated variously as cookie, biscuit, cake, bread, etc., but this Chinese term does not really have a good … Continue reading Appetizers 7: Shrimp Bing (蝦餅)


Appetizers 5: Vegetarian Noodles (素麵)

Source:,_cucumber,_wakame.jpg By: T.Tseng

First, simmer the mushrooms for one day to extract its juices and allow it to settle and clarify.1 The next day, simmer bamboo shoots for its juices and boil the noodles in it. This technique is from the monks of Yangzhou's Dinghui temple, who makes it very well but refuse to transmit the recipe to … Continue reading Appetizers 5: Vegetarian Noodles (素麵)

Vegetable Dishes 31: Amaranth

Source: By: David J. Stang

One should choose the tender tips of amaranth and stir-fry them dry. The dish is made even better with the addition of dried-shrimp or shelled shrimp. No liquids should be allow to pool during stir-frying. 莧菜 莧須細摘嫩尖,乾炒,加蝦米或蝦仁更佳。不可見湯。 Note: This plant is the same species as the one used in Jamaica to make callaloo: Amaranthus tricolor

Vegetable Dishes 22: Taicai

Source: By: H. Alexander Talbot

Stir-fried taicai stem is quite smooth and dense in texture. Remove its outer skin, then add mushrooms and new bamboo shoots to make a soup. It is very good stir-fried with shelled shrimp. 台菜1 炒台菜心最糯2,剝去外皮,入蘑菇、新筍作湯。炒食加蝦肉,亦佳。 Notes: 1Taicai (台菜) is a rather confusing name since it could refer to many things, among them seaweed, a variety … Continue reading Vegetable Dishes 22: Taicai

Vegetable Dishes 17: Garlic Chives

Source: By: Anna Frodesiak

Garlic chives are a strong flavoured hun food.1 Reserve the white portions of garlic chives and stir-fry with dried shrimp for a great dish. They are also good stir-fried with fresh shrimp, clams, or pork.2 韭 韭,葷物也。專取韭白,加蝦米炒之便佳。或用鮮蝦亦可,蜆亦可,肉亦可。 Notes: 1In the Suiyuan Shidan, the term hun (葷) is used as an umbrella term in a few … Continue reading Vegetable Dishes 17: Garlic Chives

Vegetable Dishes 5: Furong Tofu

Take douhua,1 add boiling water to it and soak for three times to rid it of its bean-like smell. Add it to chicken broth at medium boil. When plating, add laver and peeled shrimp. 芙蓉2豆腐 用腐腦,放開水泡三次,去豆氣,入雞湯中滾,起鍋時加紫菜、蝦肉。 Notes: 1I used "douhua" in the translation, but the actual term used in the Chinese text is funao 腐腦, … Continue reading Vegetable Dishes 5: Furong Tofu

Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 16: Stir-fried Shrimp (炒蝦)

Stir-fried shrimp is done in the same manner as stir-fried fish and can be cooked with garlic chives. It can also be cooked with mustard greens picked during the winter if one cannot eat garlic chives.1 There is also a recipe where the body of the shrimp is pounded flat2 and stir-fried on its own … Continue reading Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 16: Stir-fried Shrimp (炒蝦)

Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 15: Drunken Shrimp (醉蝦)

Source: By: Laurel F from Seattle, WA

Pan-fry whole shrimp with shells over high heat in wine until yellow then remove them from the pan.1 Next, braise them in light soy sauce and rice vinegar. When done, cover the shrimp with the bowl to cook with its residual heat. When ready to serve, place them in a dish. Their shells should be … Continue reading Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 15: Drunken Shrimp (醉蝦)

Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 14: Shrimp Cakes (蝦餅)

Source: By: Takeaway

Pound the shrimp into a paste, form into balls and pan-fry. These are known as shrimp cakes. 蝦餅 以蝦捶爛,團而煎之,即為蝦餅。 Note: A simple dish ingredient-wise, but complex in technique. Again much of the details crucial for this dish were not mentioned by Yuan Mei, most likely because he didn't actually know them since he didn't make … Continue reading Scaleless Aquatic Creatures 14: Shrimp Cakes (蝦餅)