Fish 17: Huangu Fish (黃姑魚)

In Huizhou1 they raise a small fish around two to three inches in length that is sold and delivered dried . Prepare them by adding wine, removing their skin, and placing them on top of a rice pot to steam. This dish, known as “Huangu fish” is very savoury and delicious. 黃姑魚2 徽州出小魚,長二三寸,曬乾寄來。加酒剝皮,放飯鍋上,蒸而食之,味最鮮,號黃姑魚。 Notes: 1Huizhou … Continue reading Fish 17: Huangu Fish (黃姑魚)

Fish 16: Home-styled Pan-fried Fish (家常煎魚)

To make home-styled pan-fried fish, one needs patience. Wash a fresh fish until clean, chop it into pieces, and marinade it with salt. Flatten each piece and pan-fry both sides until golden brown, then add a good quantity of wine and autumn sauce and simmer slowly with a low flame. When it is close to … Continue reading Fish 16: Home-styled Pan-fried Fish (家常煎魚)

Fish 13: Xiang in Wine-lees (糟鯗)

In the winter, salt a large common carp and then dry it. Cover it with wine lees, place in a earthenware jar, and seal the jar's opening.1 Serve it in the summer. Do not use distilled liquors to prepare this dish, since it would have the harsh stinging of the liquor.2 糟鯗 冬日用大鯉魚醃而乾之,入酒糟,置壇中,封口。夏日食之。不可用燒酒作泡。用燒酒者,不無辣味。 Notes 1Somewhat … Continue reading Fish 13: Xiang in Wine-lees (糟鯗)

Fish 11: Icefish (銀魚)

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When icefish1 are freshly caught from the water, they are known as “savoriness of ice”. Braise them in chicken broth with dried-cured ham. Alternatively, stir-fry them for a more tender fish. For the dried item, soak them in water until soft. They make a good dish when stir-fried with diluted soy sauce.2 銀魚 銀魚起水時,名冰鮮。加雞湯、火腿湯煨之。或炒食甚嫩。乾者泡軟,用醬水炒亦妙。 Notes: … Continue reading Fish 11: Icefish (銀魚)

Fish 10: Fish Embraced with Vinegar (醋摟魚)

Chop a live black crap into large pieces, sear the pieces in oil, then add soy sauce, vinegar, and spray with wine. The more broth in the dish the better. When it is done immediately remove everything from the pan. This dish is most famously prepared by Hangzhou West Lake's Wuliuju.1 But ever since they … Continue reading Fish 10: Fish Embraced with Vinegar (醋摟魚)